Raphael "Raff" Sylva

Codename; Kraken



Age: 27
Race: Hispanic
Height: 6’2"
Eyes: steel gray (originally brown)
Hair: ruddy brown (originally black)
Skin: navy blue, forest green and black scales (originally dark tan)


FIGHT: Incredible (36)
AGILITY: Remarkable (26)
STRENGTH: Incredible (36)
ENDURANCE: Excellent (16)
REASON: Good (8)
INTUITION: Typical (5)
PSYCHE: Excellent (16)


MILITARY +1CS to Camo, Cartography, Demolition, Electronic Countermeasures, guns, Heavy Weapons. Gain 1 military contact
SHARP WEAPONS +1CS to Fight with sharp weapons, primarily combat knife and tactical underwater spear/pike.
AIRPLANE PILOT includes commercial airliners, small planes and fighter jets.


WYRM SCALE: Armor Skin, Remarkable (26)
Except of his face, underarms and palms, Sylva is covered in Interlocking chitinous scales. These grow rigid in response to an impact and then instantly undulate to disperse the kinetic energy.
SONAR TORPEDO: Sonic Generation, Excellent (16): 6 area range.
Specialized vocal chords and echo chamber sinuses produce damaging blasts of ultra sound mostly outside human audible range.
HYPER SWIMMING Excellent (16): 6 areas per turn, -1CS per 100ft of depth.
Webbing between Sylva’s fingers and toes as well as a series of extendable fins over his entire body allow for fast movement in liquid media.
SENSOR NET: Environmental Awareness, Good (8): 10 areas radius
Hair-thick (tapering to microscopic, translucent cilia radiate several feet out from Sylva’s body, delivering to him extraordinary sensory input from his surroundings. He is immediately aware of the existence of and changes to any weather, chemicals, movement and life in range.
OMNI-BREATH: Lung Adaptation, Good (8)
Internal gill-like structures in place of Sylva’s lungs can convert any inhaled gas or liquid into usable breath.


Birth Place: Galveston, TX


David Jones: Naval officer, dive instructor, underwater combat specialist. Sylva went through his advanced classes. Shared with Hannibal Sloan
Hector Salazar: Childhood friend, joined marines with Sylva but AWOL first tour. Now a gun runner operating out of Florida.
Anita Qintero: Bookstore owner and antiquarian. Great aunt on Sylva’s mother’s side.


Hannibal Sloan
Jake Goldstein
Mateo Ruiz, codename Preta (hungry ghost)



Raphael "Raff" Sylva

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